Advantages of the new PIN Mailer solution:

Significant savings

The simple structure of phenoPINTM allows considerable cost advantages compared to most previous solutions.

Ease of use

Simply apply water to the security grid, the special printing ink will become transparent and the confidential information is visible.

Size and shape of the protected field can be designed on an individual basis

Since the secured area is applied using a printing process there are almost no limits related to size and layout. This means that the secured area can be included in the distinctive commercial design of the PIN letter.

High level of security

With phenoPIN the confidential information is printed on to the secured area, so there is no foil or film between the confidential information and the security background. It can be possible to read the confidential information of solutions which use a cover film by applying special illumination, and the recipient of the letter would not notice it.

Versatile use

In addition to sending confidential information the solution can also be extremely useful for advertising. Lottery tickets, vouchers or used for special effects in mailings – advertising industry and consumers love it. Such surprises are exciting and encourage to participate..

Environmental sustainability

It is a pure print product. This means there is no additional environmentally harmful material used like plastic film or adhesives.